Alliance welcomes agreement by Lisburn Council on this year’s rates increase

Alliance Lisburn Council Group Leader Cllr Brian Dornan has welcomed the agreement by Lisburn City Council to agree to a below inflation rise in rates of 3.97%.

Cllr Brian Dornan commented: “All the parties worked together in a non partisan manner to ensure that an agreement could be reached.

“We are very conscious of the hard economic burden that many businesses and households are facing but we, as a Council, are striving to ensure that we strike the right balance between service delivery and value for money.”

Cllr Jennifer Coulter added “The Council operates in the same world as everyone else and yet this year’s increase is below average compared to the rates increases since 2001.

“Through civic leadership, the rates rise has been minimised as a result of economies in the operational expenses of the Council. Cllr Stephen Martin, as Chair of the Council’s Corporate Services Committee, will continue to push for further efficiencies across the Council to ensure best value for ratepayer’s money.”


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