Alliance urges sporting bodies to work together for major stadium

ALLIANCE Spokesperson on Sport Councillor Michael Long has urged the rugby, football and GAA ruling bodies to work together in order to ensure that plans for a regional stadium become a reality.

Councillor Long, who has campaigned for a major stadium for Northern Ireland for five years, said the project’s viability would be enhanced massively through co-operation between the three governing bodies.

Cllr Long said: “A new major stadium for Northern Ireland is something that has really struck a chord with fans from various sporting backgrounds. Such an ambitious project will only really succeed if it is diverse enough to support our major sports, and for the good of sport in general, I would urge the three governing bodies of GAA, football and rugby to co-operate closely.

“Not only will that increase the likelihood of the stadium going ahead, it would be a great example of strong leadership across the sporting establishment.

“This project has the potential to put Northern Ireland on the map in terms of a world-class venue for sport, although obviously it will need other facilities to make it feasible. This is an exciting venture, and I sincerely hope that the different ruling bodies can pick up this ball and run with it.”

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