Alliance urges residents to voice objections to future traffic chaos

ALLIANCE Councillor Sara Duncan (Castlereagh West) is urging Newtownbreda residents to make their voices heard if they object to proposals for new road developments associated with a planned Tesco store at Belvoir Road.

Cllr Duncan said: “This is the last chance for Newtownbreda residents to object to plans for roads which will be built to accommodate the new Tesco development. There are less than two weeks for your voice to be heard.

“This new store will lead to thousands more cars in Newtownbreda daily, and will cause massive inconvenience to those who live in the area. They will not be able to drive straight along the Newtownbreda Road, but will be forced to go around a roundabout at the proposed Tesco store.

“It is not unusual for government departments and agencies to bend over backwards to accommodate out of town superstores that often have a negative effect on the local area and residents’ quality of life. Unless people makes their voices heard, they will wake up one morning in the not-too-distant future to a queue of traffic outside their house, meaning more noise, more pollution, more traffic jams and more inconvenience.

“Anyone who wishes to object should write to Divisional Planning Office, 1st Floor, Bedford House, Bedford St, Belfast as soon as possible. You can also view the plans here.”

The reference for those who wish to object is “0713/F Land at Belvoir Road and 170/174 Newtownbreda Road, Belfast” and the proposal is: “Access and associated roadworks to serve food store development permitted under application number Y/2000/0766/0”.

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