Alliance to meet police on ‘mob rule’ concerns

East Belfast Alliance representatives, Naomi Long MLA and Cllr. Mervyn Jones are to meet with the local East Belfast District Commander, Chief Supt. Henry Irvine, on Wednesday afternoon to discuss the events which culminated in the Garnerville estate, where some occupants have been forced out of their homes as part of the loyalist paramilitary feud whilst the Police and Army looked on.

Cllr. Long said:

“I am pleased that we will have an opportunity to discuss this matter with the Police in order to raise our concerns about the apparent mob rule in Garnerville estate in recent days. It is unacceptable to have this type of behaviour on our streets and we will be asking the Police for their analysis of the situation.

“Unfortunately, over recent months it appears that the Police do appear to be losing control over parts of East Belfast. The UVF have been able to erect banners on local lampposts heralding themselves as an ‘undefeated army’ whilst we have had shows of strength at Pitt Park, and numerous

crimes, including murder and bombings. Now the UVF are able to intimidate people out of their houses in front of the Police, with one bunch of drug dealing thugs simply replacing another.

“It is simply not good enough and it is no surprise that ordinary people are asking exactly who is running the place especially when local communities are calling on the UVF to deliver them from alleged criminal activity in Garnerville over recent months because of the apparent failure of the Police to act.

“It is time for a crackdown on all of these paramilitary and criminal elements and we will be asking for real action to be taken against the troublemakers.”


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