Alliance to meet Parades Commission

Alliance Leader David Ford MLA and Deputy Leader Naomi Long MP will lead a party delegation to meet the Parades Commission on Monday.

David Ford MLA said: “Last year we had a difficult parading season with multiple outbreaks of violence later in the summer and autumn. All groups – politicians, parade organisers, residents and community leaders – have a duty to ensure that we work together and have a more peaceful summer this year.

“Disputes relating to parading are in effect both a symptom of much wider community relations problems and also a contributory factor towards them. Disagreements reflect much wider divisions within society and in particular associated claims and counter-claims over territory.

“Northern Ireland needs proper regulation of parades by an independent body. The Parades Commission is the lawful regulatory body whose determinations should be abided by: they are the law.

“The on-going controversies around parades and counter-protests make our obligation to have an agreed and workable framework in place even more critical. Until there is political agreement on a new structure, the Parades Commission’s decisions must be accepted.”


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