Alliance to cause North Down upset: Alderdice

Alliance Westminster candidate David Alderdice has said Alliance is well positioned to cause an upset.

Speaking in Holywood where he is also standing for local government, Dr Alderdice, stated: “The media seems to suggest this is a ‘unionist win-win’, but they clearly haven’t been on the doorsteps. We are seeing that people are fed up with stagnation, they but they are not resigned to it.

“People know where the blame lies — both Unionist parties have had their chance. They are reacting very favourably to what we stand for: a distinct voice for the people of North Down at Westminster, a clear financial package to avoid water charges and abolish tuition fees, and a mandate for progress not stagnation.

“I recognize that, after so many broken promises and so much frustration, many people are wondering why they should bother voting. But we are offering something clearly different: a voice for progress not stagnation, a voice for unity not segregation, a voice for real issues not politics based on religion.

“So I am asking people to think about how they use their vote. It has already been proved that a Unionist vote or no vote at all will achieve nothing but further stagnation. An Alliance vote, on the other hand, is an opportunity to a clear message to our politicians to make progress and to deal with the issues that really affect people.

“The choice is not UUP or DUP. This is a three-way contest. But Alliance is the only one of the three offering a real way forward.”


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