Alliance team hoping to lead change in Castlereagh

The Alliance Party is running six candidates for Castlereagh Borough Council for the upcoming elections, with group leader Alderman Geraldine Rice running in South and Cllr. Sara Duncan in West. In Central, Cllr. Michael Long is running along with Carole Howard, whilst in East Cllr Judith Cochrane and Tim Morrow are hoping to deliver two seats.

Tim Morrow is a farmer and the son of former Alliance Deputy Leader Addie Morrow, who sat on Castlereagh Council for many years, whilst Carole Howard works for Belfast Metropolitan College and was brought up in the Borough.

Alderman Geraldine Rice said, “We are looking forward to growing our team on Castlereagh Borough Council this year following on from the election of Naomi Long as MP in East Belfast last year and the excellent result for Alliance in the Castlereagh East by-election where we more than doubled our vote. Based on that result, we are very hopeful of making a gain in Castlereagh East and bringing the Morrow name back onto the Council after the years of service given by Addie Morrow.

“We are also very hopeful that we can gain an extra seat in Castlereagh Central where we offer the only realistic alternative for change.

“On the doorsteps, our record of hard work on the ground and our campaign to see a fairer, more open and transparent Council certainly seems to be resonating with voters and we hope that a stronger Alliance team can alter the balance of power in Castlereagh so that we can continue to lead change for our ratepayers.”


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