Alliance tackles disruption to water supply in East Belfast due to burst pipe

East Belfast Alliance Councillors Judith Cochrane and Mervyn Jones have expressed their concerns at the disruption to water supplies in the Parkgate area of East Belfast following the bursting of a water pipe. Local residents were left without water for over 12 hours until around 8pm on Wednesday evening in the second such incident in the past month. Judith Cochrane also said that given the current icy conditions, people should be vigilant in relation to burst pipes.

Cllr Judith Cochrane said: “We were contacted by local residents who were experiencing a second disruption to their water supplies in the past few weeks, after a water pipe burst. It took over twelve hours to repair the pipe and people were left with no water, and in many cases their heating also did not work. We expressed our concerns to NI Water and distributed water door to door to those in need.

“Given the icy conditions at the moment, I would encourage the wider public to be vigilant regarding the issue of burst pipes. They can have a terrible impact on someone’s home, and if they occur outside the home they can severely disrupt the local water supply for the whole community.”

Cllr. Mervyn Jones added: “There is clearly an underlying problem with the water pipes and I have already been in contact with NI Water to ask that they find a permanent solution to this problem. It is unacceptable that people have had to face so much disruption in such a short period of time, especially given the fact that many of those affected are elderly and are already suffering in the cold weather conditions.”


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