Alliance supports war pardons but slams their delay

Alliance Party Chief Whip, Kieran McCarthy, has welcomed the measure to give pardons to 300 First World War veterans that were executed for military offences. The move was announced today by Defence Secretary, Des Browne.

The Strangford Assembly Member said: “I am glad that those who were executed for military offences in the first world war have been given pardons by the UK government. However, I am saddened that it has taken so long for such a measure to be introduced.

“The incidents that these soldiers were involved in happened so long ago that it would have been impossible to thoroughly investigate each case separately, therefore pardoning all involved is the best option.

“The execution of these soldiers for offences such as desertion was an absolute disgrace. The death penalty is fundamentally wrong and I hope that similar miscarriages of justice never happen in future.


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