Alliance supports motion on Armed Forces Covenant Reference Group

Alliance Leader Naomi Long MLA and Trevor Lunn MLA have spoken in the Assembly to support a motion calling for the Executive to nominate a Northern Ireland representative to the UK wide Armed Forces Covenant Reference Group.

Naomi Long said: “This motion does not seek to give advantage to members of the armed services. Rather it seeks to ensure they are not disadvantaged through having someone to make representations on their behalf. If we want a more equal society then treating everyone the same will not get us there. The only way we can bring about a more equal society is through special consideration, targeting objective need and looking at what people require to improve their circumstances.

“The motion gives direct input to the policies that members of the armed services need to reintegrate to normal life. At the moment our voices are not being heard and so I fully support the motion.”

Trevor Lunn said: “We need to reflect where we would be today if it were not for the actions of the armed forces over the years and as a result we are able to stand here and speak freely. Members of the armed forces who have been injured, the bereaved, the veterans who need special help to reintegrate and move on with their lives can be assisted through the Covenant and I support it.

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