Alliance support for PSNI to end loyalist feud

AN Alliance delegation met with senior Castlereagh PSNI officers today to discuss the current security situation surrounding the loyalist feud between the LVF and UVF.

Castlereagh and East Belfast DPP members Councillor Geraldine Rice and Councillor Naomi Long MLA met today with the Castlereagh District Commander, as a follow-up to Alliance’s meeting with the East Belfast Commander on Monday.

After a “positive and constructive” meeting, Cllr Rice said: “With tensions rising to the surface and attacks continuing, there is a growing fear in the community. Alliance was seeking reassurance from the PSNI that appropriate action is being taken to frustrate further incidents, and we believe the police are taking this matter very seriously.”

Cllr Long said: “We welcome the increased patrolling that the PSNI are carrying out in the areas worst affected by this feud, and are supporting the authorities in their battle to end this unjustifiable violence. Sadly, when paramilitaries feud, it is ordinary people who end up suffering, as we have already seen in the last week.”

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