Alliance states that there is no place for sectarianism in any sport

Alliance Councillor Michael Long has condemned the sectarian abuse that has led to one GAA player quitting the sport. Darren Graham a Protestant who plays for Gaelic football side Lisnaskea Emmets in Fermanagh yesterday gave up the sport he loved following sectarian abuse from other players and fans.

The Alliance party’s vice chairman who has spoken out against sectarianism in other sports said: “This is very sad news that a Gaelic footballer who so clearly loves the sport he played has had to give it up due to sectarianism.

“I would urge the GAA to make sure that all sections of the community are able to take part in Gaelic football and hurling without any sectarian abuse.

“Just like the IFA is doing, the GAA must also make sure that the measures that they have in place to prevent any sectarianism will be enforced. If we work together then perhaps no other person will be forced to walk away from any sport or activity simply because of their religion.

“It would be good to see if they could reach out to the whole of our society and then we would be able to condemn this event to the history books.”


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