Alliance South Belfast candidates chosen

The South Belfast Association of the Alliance Party has chosen its candidates for the next Westminster and Local Government elections.

Geraldine Rice was selected as the Alliance Party candidate for Westminster, to represent South Belfast.

Geraldine Rice is a training consultant by profession. She has been a councillor at Castlereagh Borough Council since 1989. Mrs Rice has also stood to represent South Belfast in previous elections to the Northern Ireland Assembly and Westminster.

Speaking upon her selection, Geraldine Rice said:

“Alliance is moving forward in South Belfast with confidence. We will be offering the voters a clear alternative — a progressive vision of a shared future, through devolution and a united community.

“The key issue is what kind of society we are to build in Northern Ireland, and what kind of future we will share.”

Tom Ekin was selected for re-election, to represent the Balmoral area of South Belfast.

Tom Ekin is a business development site manager by profession. Currently serving as Belfast Lord Mayor, he has served on Belfast City Council since 2001. Mr Ekin has also stood in previous elections to the Northern Ireland Assembly.

Speaking upon his selection, Tom Ekin said:

“I have worked hard as Lord Mayor to improve the image and quality of life for the citizens of Belfast. I have used my influence for change for the better. This has been achieved by constructively engaging with others, with a positive attitude and persistence, so that action takes place and things get done.”

Allan Leonard was selected as candidate for the Laganbank area of South Belfast.

Allan Leonard is the Policy Officer for the Alliance Party. At 37 years of age, he is energetic about working for the people of the constituency.

Speaking upon his selection, Allan Leonard said:

“As my grandfather taught me, talk comes cheap. There comes a time when you realise it’s no good just complaining and blaming others, and you need to put yourself forward to work for change. I want to rejuvenate Laganbank, so that residents have a positive interest and can call upon me to make their lives better.

“I don’t seek to represent just one part of the community, I will stand up for every section of society.”

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