Alliance slams SDLP man over use of racist term

ALLIANCE Councillor Lynn Frazer has criticised a fellow Newtownabbey councillor for using a racist term during a council meeting.

Cllr Frazer, who admonished Cllr McTeague for his remarks about councillors being “treated like niggers” during the Council meeting on Monday night, stated:

“At a time when ethnic minorities in Northern Ireland are facing attacks on an almost daily basis, Councillor McTeague should really know better. He should withdraw his racist remarks immediately and apologise for them.

“It was a stupid and unjustified comparison to make, particularly when the councillor sits on the DPP and is aware of the problem of racism here.

“One might expect a party supposedly opposed to racism like the SDLP to look again at the comments made by Cllr McTeague and consider further action.”

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