Alliance selects Margaret Marshall for Mid-Ulster

The Alliance Party have selected Margaret Marshall stand in the Assembly election in Mid-Ulster. Margaret was brought up in Co Tyrone and she stated that she is proud to have been selected as an Alliance election candidate.

Margaret Marshall said: “I am proud to have been selected by the Alliance Party to stand in the Assembly election in Mid-Ulster.

“People are fed up with tribal politics and the number of opportunities for progress missed because of the negativity of the tribal parties.

“The only election since the St Andrews Agreement was the Skerries by-election in Coleraine which was won by Alliance.

“This victory clearly demonstrates people’s appetite for change. We are the only real alternative to tribalism and segregation.

“Segregation costs Northern Ireland taxpayers over one billion pounds every year. By ending segregation and saving this cash we can make big improvements to our health service and public transport network.”


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