Alliance selects Fitzpatrick for East Londonderry Assembly seat

The Alliance Party has selected Cllr Barney Fitzpatrick to contest the upcoming Assembly election in the East Londonderry seat.

Cllr Barney Fitzpatrick said: “Northern Ireland is facing one of its most difficult financial times. We need to have an Assembly in place that has as its priority the task of improving our economy.

“Unfortunately too many of the current MLAs are still too preoccupied with tribal politics. Only Alliance has called for action to end our segregated society and open up the potential savings of £1 billion that our divided society costs us each year.

“We need to see action taken so that Northern Ireland can fully benefit from the Green New Deal, in terms of jobs, cutting our fuel bills and reducing our dependency on non-renewable energy.

“The MLAs in the next Assembly term must be able to make difficult decisions and be able to reach agreement with other parties. Far too many issues were allowed to sit on the shelf in this current term, we can not allow this to happen for another four years.”


Biography of Barney Fitzpatrick

-Barney Fitzpatrick, was elected to Coleraine Borough Council in 2006 after topping the poll on the first count

-He is Alliance Councillor for the Skerries Ward, also serves as a Harbour Commissioner for Coleraine and is Chairman / Party Representative on a number of other Council Committees

-Married to Teresa for 46 years, they have four children two boys and two girls; all of whom work and reside in Northern Ireland

-A graduate from the University of Ulster with a Masters Degree in Legal and Administrative studies incorporating European Law, He also has a postgraduate diploma in Business studies and management.

-A retired Chief Superintendent of Police he has over thirty-five years operational experience in a variety of roles. He has tirelessly worked for the Community and has been responsible for many cross community initiatives throughout the province

-He was awarded the Queens Police Medal for professional Police services to the public. -He is the holder of a Royal Humane Award for Bravery and has 11 Commendations for exceptional Police work.

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