Alliance selects East Belfast Council candidates

The Alliance Party in East Belfast has selected its candidates for the forthcoming Council elections to Belfast City Council.

Sitting Councillor, Naomi Long MLA, has been re-selected to stand in Victoria, where Alliance holds two seats. Her running mate will be Mr. Mervyn Jones. In Pottinger, where Alliance was the runner up in 2001, the Party has selected Mrs. Maire Hendron as its candidate.

Cllr Naomi Long said: “It is a privilege to have been selected again for Victoria. I would also wish to pay tribute to my colleague, Cllr David Alderdice, who is contesting a seat in North Down Council and fighting the Westminster seat there following his recent move.

“Over the past eight years, he has served East Belfast with distinction, most notably in his year as Lord Mayor when he reached out to all sections of the community across the city, and I am sure his excellent record of service to the community will continue in North Down.

“I am delighted that Mervyn Jones has been selected to contest that seat and I am confident that we will build on our continuing success in the area over recent years. Having previously served as a Councillor for 16 years, Mervyn will bring a wealth of experience to the Council and dedication and hard work to the people of East Belfast.

“Maire Hendron has been a vital part of the East Belfast Alliance team over many years, and I believe she will help us make it a hat-trick in the East by retaking a seat in Pottinger where we only narrowly missed out last time around.

“Recent polling in the area would suggest that Alliance is picking up support from across the community as people wish to see politicians elected in Pottinger who are interested in representing the whole community, not just one section of it.”

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