Alliance selects Deputy Mayor Lawther for Antrim Council election

The Alliance Party has selected Cllr Alan Lawther to retain his seat on Antrim Borough Council at next year’s Local Government Elections. He has held his seat in the South East ward since 2005, and is currently the Deputy Mayor, a post he also held in 2009/10.

Cllr Alan Lawther said: “I have really enjoyed my time on Antrim Council working on behalf of my constituents and I hope to continue that work for another 4 years. I have seen real progress in that time with Antrim being given fair trade town status.

“Alliance has a growing voice at Antrim Council with former SDLP member Councillor Oran Keenan having joined us earlier in the year. The public has seen the hard work that our team of Councillors and campaigners have been doing on the ground in Antrim. They know that we are working in the interest of the whole community rather than just one section and that we are interested in the problems that are affecting them rather than getting involved in petty squabbles.

“Only Alliance is offering true solutions to the current problems that are affecting our society. We are the only party that is completely committed to the principles of a Shared Future that would ease the public purse by ending the wastage caused by the costs of division. Alliance has also been calling for a green new deal to be adopted as a means of getting Northern Ireland along the road to recovery following the downturn while ensuring its protection at the same time.”


Biography of Cllr Alan Lawther

Is a Councillor for Antrim South East and is the Deputy Mayor of Antrim. A post he also held in 2009/10. He is also the Alliance Sustainability spokesperson

He studied Chemistry at Cambridge University and taught in Grammar schools here in N.I. He later moved into industry after nearly a decade teaching and with accountancy training and an MBA has held management positions in the Health Service in the USA and UK and has been a commercial manager and company secretary in the private sector.

Now he splits his time between local politics in Antrim Borough Council and being self employed.

Cllr Lawther has a wife and 2 daughters.

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