Alliance selects Councillor Rachael Ferguson for Foyle

The Alliance Party has selected Councillor Rachael Ferguson as its candidate for the Foyle Constituency in the General Election.


Councillor Rachael Ferguson said: “I am privileged to be selected as the Alliance Party candidate for the general election. Since my election to Council in May I have consistently argued that there is no such thing as a good Brexit and our future lies in remaining in the EU.


“Foyle is in a special position with people moving across the border multiple times every day to work, be educated or just visit family. Any Brexit deal that impacts this free movement will have a detrimental impact on the economy and peoples lives. This constituency needs a strong pro-Remain voice, and if elected I will always ensure the best interests of Foyle are to the fore.


“I will also prioritise the vital issues of mental health provision and the impending ending of the welfare reform mitigations that will see a lot of vulnerable people worse off financially.


“Across Northern Ireland there has been a surge in support for Alliance resulting in many election successes. On 12 December I am asking the people of Foyle to signal that they demand better by voting for Alliance’s vision of a liberal, progressive, united community.”