Alliance select Dunlop for North Antrim Assembly election

Jayne Dunlop has been selected to run for the Alliance Party in the forthcoming Assembly elections in North Antrim. She stated that Alliance is the only real alternative to tribalism and is the only real option for progress.

Jayne Dunlop said: “I am very proud to have been selected to stand in North Antrim in the forthcoming Assembly elections for the Alliance Party.

“More than ever, North Antrim needs political representatives who will work together for the good of the entire community, putting aside political agendas to help every member of an increasingly diverse community. Alliance is the only real alternative to sectarianism.

“If elected, I would work for residents from all backgrounds. I would tackle issues such as the drugs culture, lawlessness, racism and other examples of anti-social behaviour.

“My aim is to make North Antrim a safer, more prosperous and united community where people can live together in peace.”

“I would take steps to tackle the unacceptable hospital waiting lists and reduce administrative waste and channel money into essential services.

“I want to move politics away from sectarian squabbles and concentrate on tackling social injustice within our community.”


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