Alliance secures next phase of Belfast alleygate scheme

Alliance Councillor Michelle Kelly has confirmed funding will now be available to take forward a new phase of the alleygates scheme, after the Alliance party secured the necessary financial spend as part of the rate setting process.

Speaking at the monthly Council meeting, Michelle said this would also allow more communities to transform their alleyways.

She added: “I’m delighted to see this funding in place so that phase five of the alleygate scheme can get underway. The benefits of these projects have been highlighted time and time again, from helping to make communities feel safer, provide valuable outdoor space which has become so appreciated during lockdown, or helping to build community spirit and improving mental health.

“I’m delighted that through Alliance pushing for greater resources to be poured into this scheme we will now be in a position to help more communities achieve this resource.

“As we focus on enhancing our beautiful green spaces in the city, this move also compliments the work going on elsewhere on biodiversity, linking well with the 30 by 30 campaign – allowing communities to transform their entries into welcoming, accessible and biological diverse green spaces in the heart of the city.

“I’m delighted so many other Councillors have been able to get behind Alliance in seeking greater access to the alleygates scheme and look forward to watching it move forward in the weeks and months ahead.”