Alliance secures greater access to all Belfast Council decisions

Councillor Nuala McAllister has welcomed Belfast City Council’s backing of an Alliance proposal that will see all future committee meetings audio recorded, including planning.

The third time Alliance has raised the issue of greater openness and transparency, the party again secured a successful outcome when the issue was put to a democratic vote – despite some Councillors attempting to ‘censor’ the move.

Speaking after the DUP, UUP, PUP and SDLP voted against the move, Nuala said it was important ‘vital decisions’ were open to public scrutiny.

She added: “While it is important all committee meetings are available for ratepayers to listen to, it is especially vital for planning decisions, which have been open to accusations around lack of transparency in the past. This decision means all committees will be recorded going forward.

“It is particularly disappointing the SDLP, who previously abstained on the issue, have now actively voted against it. I hope their representatives are able to answer people’s justifiable questions about why they don’t want the public to be able to hear what their councillors are up to.

“Alliance has always championed openness and transparency and at a time when the public wants greater access to Council decisions, I’m delighted we have been able to deliver an end to closed door dealings.”

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