Alliance says time for a fair deal for our fishing industry

Following today’s demonstration at Stormont, Strangford Alliance MLA Kieran McCarthy has demanded that the fears of the local fishing industry be addressed by the Agriculture Minister Michelle Gildernew immediately. People from the three biggest fishing towns in Northern Ireland, Ardglass, Portavogie and Kilkeel, attended today’s protest.

The Strangford MLA said: “We had 200 disgruntled demonstrators on the steps at Stormont today. They wrote to the Agriculture Minister, Michelle Gildernew, with suggestions on assisting the fishing industry in December, and have not yet received a reply.

“Our fishing industry is at its wits end and is sick of being ignored. The Minister must assist this sector now. They feel that she has treated them very poorly.

“They have to foot staggering £950-a-day fuel bills, and many cannot continue their work while facing this strain. The heart is being ripped out of this sector and its time they got a fair deal. The Minister has a lot of work to do to extend this industry the courtesy it deserves, and the assistance it needs.”


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