Alliance says Spratt accusation is figment of his imagination

Responding to allegations made by Jimmy Spratt that Alliance and Charlie Tosh had colluded in ensuring a by-election for Iris Robinson’s council seat, Castlereagh Council Alliance Leader Geraldine Rice has said the accusation is a figment of Jimmy Spratt’s imagination.

Cllr Geraldine Rice said: “This is totally incorrect and is a figment of Jimmy Spratt’s imagination. This accusation is deeply offensive to Alliance, Charlie Tosh and the people of Castlereagh. The most important issue is that people need to have a say on the Iris Robinson issue and a by-election will ensure this. I would call on him to withdraw his comments immediately.

“Mr Spratt’s comments are designed to take the attention away from the real issue which is the need for the public to have a voice on this very important matter.

“I hope that Jimmy Spratt can see that everyone must do all they can to ensure that the public have confidence in politics in Northern Ireland.”


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