Alliance says single education body will help end segregation and waste

Alliance Education Spokesperson Trevor Lunn MLA has stated that having one central education body would be beneficial for Northern Ireland and would enhance integration and sharing. His comments come following Education Minister Catriona Ruane’s announcement that the move towards a single authority will be put on hold for a year.

Opposition MLA, Trevor Lunn stated: ” Alliance believes that having a central education authority would be more beneficial than the current system in the long term. We also believe that a thorough consultation must be conducted to ensure maximum efficiency within this new authority.

“I hope that Catriona Ruane’s decision to delay this move will not put it in jeopardy.

“Northern Ireland and its education system needs to move towards a society free from segregation, where every child can be given the option of attending an integrated school.

“A central body would enhance sharing and integrated education. This would not only benefit Northern Ireland socially, but also financially, because a massive amount of money is wasted on segregation in education every year.”


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