Alliance says losing environment body would be real blow

Alliance Sustainability Spokesperson Cllr Alan Lawther has said that were the Sustainable Development Commission to be scrapped in Northern Ireland it could damage our environmental efforts and prospects of boosting our green economy. He also called on OFMDFM to ensure that the resources are provided to allow this important work to continue. His comments come after the Westminster government, which part funds the Commission, said it would end this funding.

Cllr Alan Lawther said: “This is an extremely worrying development that could set us back some distance in this important area. Given that the Westminster government is ending their part-funding for the Sustainable Development Commission, I would urge OFMDFM make every effort to ensure the continuation of the work that is done by the group here.

“To lose such a resource could damage the progress we have made in protecting the environment and would be a real blow to these efforts. We should be looking to grow our green economy and create a Green New Deal, so we must do all we can to move forward as opposed to cutting funding in this sector.

“We want to make Northern Ireland a world leader on green issues and this news sends out the wrong message.

“There are massive opportunities to create jobs in Northern Ireland in the field of sustainability and we need to ensure that efforts are well resourced. We need to invest to maximise the potential we have in relation to the green economy.”


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