Alliance says incident at Carrickfergus Council was ‘full frontal attack on democracy’

Trouble flared in Carrickfergus tonight as protests took place across Northern Ireland against a Belfast City Council decision earlier this month to only fly the Union Flag on designated days.
Alliance Party Councillor Noel Williams has said that about five protestors infiltrated a meeting of Carrickfergus Borough Council tonight and carried out a full frontal attack on democracy.
They managed to enter the Council Chamber unhindered without facing any opposition and once inside subjected Councillors to verbal abuse, banging on desks and chairs with implements leaving many feeling threatened.
“It is unacceptable that the Town Hall was not under police surveillance, especially as violence has broken out at previous protests,” he said.
“People have a right to protest peacefully, but this incident tonight put many people’s safety at risk and must not be tolerated. We live in a democratic society and Councillors were meeting tonight as part of this process.
“The Alliance Party has consistently called for protests like these to stop, letting politicians unite as they find a way forward. In the run up to Christmas it is local businesses and the community at large that are suffering.”
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