Alliance says can’t be business as usual in our institutions

Alliance MLA Stephen Farry has expressed surprise that the Northern Ireland Executive has no plans in place to meet to discuss the changed post-referendum situation.

The Party’s Economic Spokesperson has also stressed the importance of the Assembly setting out the issues that need to be addressed by the Northern Ireland Government.

Stephen Farry MLA said: “The EU referendum result profoundly changed the context facing Northern Ireland, the UK as whole, the island of Ireland and the rest of Europe.

“There are many complex challenges ahead to adjust to the new reality. While no one expects immediate answers, it is incumbent on the Northern Ireland Executive and Assembly to begin to provide leadership in mapping out the way forward.

“I am surprised and somewhat disconcerted that there does not seem to be any plans for the Executive to meet ahead of its anticipated regular meeting on Thursday.

“For Alliance’s part, we will be seeking to use our influence to have the implications from the vote to Leave debated in the Assembly on Monday. Business as usual can’t continue.

“There are major issues on which the NI Government needs to take a clear position and seeks to use its influence to achieve the best result possible including: access to the single market, the future of any lower corporation tax regime, the level of financial support from London, freedom of movement, and the future relationships between the various jurisdictions on these islands.”

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