Alliance responds to Truth Commission call

Following Policing Board chairman Des Rea’s call for a ‘Truth Commission’, Alliance Party Victims Spokesperson and Deputy Leader Eileen Bell stated:

“It is incumbent on all parties to devise structures that can give some, even limited, sense of redress and justice to victims who feel neglected.

“The costs of the Bloody Sunday Inquiry are frightening and it remains to be seen whether it can provide answers that satisfy anyone. There are demands for other inquiries into certain incidents, but it is far from clear if it is desirable or feasible to use the Bloody Sunday inquiry model to address the Cory Report’s recommendations.

“It is unlikely that the South African model for a Truth and Reconciliation Commission could have easily been applied to Northern Ireland. But the early release of paramilitary prisoners means the opportunity for this approach is long gone.

“Alliance is interested in discussing further Prof Desmond Rea’s proposal for some type of commission to determine the best way forward to address inquiry demands. Alliance is also proposing the creation of a Victims’ Forum to give victims the opportunity to place their stories on an official record.

“Alliance is opposed to any amnesty for criminal offences committed by any individual. European human rights law is clear that every victim has the right to expect the state to pursue justice for any wrong committed against them or their loved ones.”

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