Alliance responds to DUP proposals for devolution

ALLIANCE Party Deputy Leader Eileen Bell MLA has responded to the DUP’s proposals for devolution.

Mrs Bell stated: “Alliance is prepared to engage with the DUP over their proposals. We are willing to listen and respond to any constructive ideas from whatever quarter.

“Alliance welcomes what seems to be some positive movement towards weighted majority voting and shares the aspiration for a voluntary coalition form of power-sharing government. Of course, it should be emphasised that no party, including the DUP, would be guaranteed a place in any such structures, but that government would be open to all parties capable of gaining the trust of others.

“However, Alliance has major concerns about the feasibility and desirability of trying to exercise devolution through the Assembly or committees. This would be a clear step backwards and would only exacerbate the current problems of the lack of collectivity and accountability.

“I would be concerned that rather than seeing rolling devolution, we would grind to a halt, and that certain parties would end up settling for a form of government much weaker than what the people have a right to expect.”

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