Alliance representatives support Irish language march

Alliance Party elected representatives have joined thousands of people in Belfast at a rally calling for an Irish Language Act.

The march started at An Chulturlann on the Falls Road before making its way to City Hall. It called for the introduction of such an Act at the next Assembly.

“Alliance recognises the need for legislation to protect and promote the Irish language. We are open to negotiation with other parties as to precisely what should be contained within such an Act. Events such as today’s are important to show that support goes right across the community,” said Alliance West Belfast candidate Sorcha Eastwood.

“Despite the political football the Irish language has become in recent months, we must remember it is for people from all backgrounds and the entire community. It is part of our shared culture and heritage.”

Alliance South Belfast Councillor Emmet McDonough-Brown said it followed the party’s support of an Irish language officer for Belfast City Council and launching its language policy for the city.

“Belfast City Council has recently led the way in showing what a diverse and multi-cultural city Belfast is, despite opposition from some unionist councillors. When well-known activists from unionist backgrounds such as Linda Ervine advocate for Irish and DUP leader Arlene Foster engages positively with the sector, it shows what a unifying effect the language can have.

“Irish belongs to everybody, threatens nobody, and is a language of art, poetry, music and much more. I look forward to the next Assembly passing an Act.”

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