Alliance representatives discuss traffic calming on Castlereagh road

Alliance representatives have met with the Roads Service to call for a reduction in the number of speed bumps along a local stretch of road.

Castlereagh Councillor Michael Long and East Belfast MP Naomi Long brought residents’ frustrations about the Lower Braniel Road’s volume of traffic calming measures to the organisation, stating the 17 speed humps along the road are too much.

Councillor Long said the amount was causing concern among people in the area.

“Since their introduction, residents have been unhappy about both the number and height of the bumps. Alliance is supportive of the measures at the Glen Road end of the road close to the school, as they have reduced traffic speeds there.

“However, residents along the middle stretch believe there are too many humps and wish to see them reduced or altered. As a result, we have asked Roads Service to reduce the number and height.

“The traffic calming measures are also diverting traffic into the Braniel estate and making the volume of traffic there even higher in an area where road humps aren’t as severe.”

Alliance MP Mrs Long said she was hopeful Roads Service would take measures to deal with the matter.

“Local drivers are tired of going bump in the day as well as the night as they seek to travel to and from home along the Lower Braniel Road.

“These humps are getting traffic calming measures a bad name and I think some movement by Roads Service would help reduce the antagonism to the introduction of road humps elsewhere, where they really could make a difference to road safety.”

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