Alliance representatives call on DUP to clarify position after social media comments

Alliance representatives in Lisburn have called on the DUP to clarify their position after controversial social media comments calling for the allocation of new social housing to those from the ‘loyalist/unionist community’.

The comments appear in a Facebook post by the Seymour Hill and Conway Residents Association and Youth Council this past Friday, which asks those in need of housing or in private rental to express their interest in the new social housing development on the old Dunmurry High School site in Seymour Hill.

The post goes on to ask interested parties to call in and see local DUP Councillor Jonathan Craig, who will help fill in forms, adding ‘let’s get these houses filled up with people from the loyalist/unionist community’.

Alliance MLA Trevor Lunn said it raised a number of questions for Councillor Craig and the DUP.

“It will be interesting to hear if Councillor Craig and the wider DUP agrees with the Association’s approach, which appears to be to make sure if this badly needed development is populated only by people who identify as loyalist or unionist. If that is the case, how genuine is the party’s supposed commitment to fair treatment and equality?

“We need urgent clarification from Councillor Craig and the DUP, who should disassociate themselves immediately from this post. I would also be interested in hearing if the residents of Seymour Hill feel the association still speaks for them after this statement?”

“It is deeply troubling there is a public suggestion the residents’ association only supports one section of the community being allocated housing in this or any other development,” added Alliance Lisburn Councillor Alderman Stephen Martin.

“The association receives public money from Lisburn and Castlereagh Council. They may wish to investigate if is this the only matter being directed to the benefit of one group of people.”

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