Alliance remains committed to Executive despite ‘deep crisis’

Despite the ‘deep crisis’ facing the power-sharing Executive, the Alliance Party remains dedicated to safeguarding Northern Ireland’s future by working within the Executive and with other Parties to secure lasting solutions to divisive issues.

That was the message from East Belfast MP Naomi Long and Dr Stephen Farry – Employment and Learning Minister – as they met with former Senator Gary Hart at the Stormont Hotel on Thursday.

Naomi Long MP said: “I welcome the continued interest US politicians have in our peace process and appreciate their support and guidance as we continue to navigate our way towards a more stable future.

“However this process today will not solve anything. While it is another step towards addressing the core issues that divide us, we shouldn’t have to rely on outside aid to get Northern Ireland’s politicians back in the room.

“It is important that the American government retains an active interest in Northern Ireland and that the British and Irish Governments continue to engage in the process going forward. But the onus is on us to deliver for the people of Northern Ireland – only through open and honest discussion will we find lasting solutions to deal with flags, parades and the past. Alliance is ready to deliver.

Dr Stephen Farry MLA added: “As it stands the Executive is facing its deepest crisis in many years. The budget situation is chronic and represents not only the dysfunctional nature the current Executive operates in, but also the total disengagement of other political parties to address urgent priorities.

“The Alliance Party remains committed to working within the remit of the Executive to deliver real progress for everyone in Northern Ireland. But other Parties have to get real and recognise the serious financial crisis unfolding that has the potential push the Executive over the edge.”

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