Alliance questions why Executive Office Covid press conferences have ceased

Alliance MLA Chris Lyttle has pressed the Health Minister on why regular Executive briefings to provide updates and information on the Covid-19 pandemic have recently been shelved.

The MLA for East Belfast questioned Robin Swann on Monday afternoon at the Assembly.

He added: “This morning we heard the Chief Medical Officer outline how we are very much facing a fourth wave – if we aren’t in it already. Yet regular Covid-19 updates from the First and deputy First Ministers have completely ceased.

“Given the importance of clear messaging to vaccination and navigating our way through this infectious disease pandemic it would seem vital that the First Minister, Deputy First Minister and Health Minister deliver clear and united communications to the public.

“Whilst, as he indicated, the Health Minister still engages with some briefings, I would urge him and the First and deputy First Minister to ensure the public knows it is not yet a return to life as before and to show the leadership required to protect lives and livelihoods in our community.”