Alliance puts pressure on Sammy Wilson on plastic bag levy

Alliance Sustainability Spokesmen Alan Lawther has urged Sammy Wilson to create a plastic bag levy saying it makes sense and is not difficult to implement. Alan Lawther has challenged Sammy Wilson to prove whether he has any green credentials at all.

Cllr Alan Lawther said: “A plastic bag levy is long overdue in Northern Ireland and I challenge Sammy Wilson to introduce one. The benefits of such a scheme are clear so I cannot see why Stormont Environment Ministers have not acted as yet. The Republic of Ireland has reduced plastic bag use and has used the cash raised through the levy to fund environmental projects.

“Alastair Darling, at this year’s budget in March, said he would be forcing a plastic bag levy if supermarkets did not impose one themselves. We are still waiting for Stormont to indicate whether they will create such a levy.

“Radical thought is needed on the environment. Will Sammy Wilson grasp the nettle? I hope he does, but his previous utterances do not inspire confidence. Creating a plastic bag levy is not a difficult thing to do. There is no excuse for him not acting on this issue.”


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