Alliance protests against tuition fees

Alliance Representatives have protested with students at Jordanstown against increases in tuition fees. Alliance Councillors Billy Webb and Lynn Frazer attended the rally. News broke last month that there could be an £80 hike in fees and Cllr Billy Webb said that students should not be held to ransom.

Cllr Billy Webb said: “This event is all about sending a strong message to the Minister Reg Empey and the Stormont Executive that students face enough financial hardship without increased fees being imposed.

“Last month, we learned that tuition fees could rise by as much as £80. Given the current economic climate and the rising cost of living, students should not be held to ransom over fees.

Cllr Lynn Frazer, member of the North Eastern Education and Library Board said: “We should be encouraging our young people to gain more qualifications, instead of dissuading them from going to university because of fee increases.

“Instead of increasing tuition fees, Sir Reg should be looking at ways to reduce them. Currently, £1 billion is wasted on segregation in Northern Ireland annually. Tackling this disgraceful waste of money would let us help our students and also allow us to improve frontline services.”


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