Alliance praises Port of Larne on winning EU environmental award

Larne Alliance Party Representative Elena Aceves-Cully has congratulated the Port of Larne on receiving a Port Environment Review Scheme award (PERS) from the European Commission. The award recognises effective green policies shows that Larne is the leading port in Northern Ireland in the area of environmental protection.

Elena Aceves-Cully said: “Its great news that the port of Larne has won this prestigious European Commission award. The award illustrates the good work done by the port to protect the environment.

“The harbour has developed sophisticated monitoring techniques to ensure that EU standards are met, and the good environmental practices implemented by the port are an example for other ports around Europe.

“As part of their environmental protocol, Larne Port monitored noise pollution and waste management, and implemented chemicals, timber and scrap metal recycling mechanisms.

“Measures like the establishment of an Environmental Forum, ensuring that heads of department can regularly meet to discuss green issues also illustrates the thought given by Larne Port to such matters.

“I am also very pleased that in recognition of the PERS accolade, the port has also been given a P&O award for environmental protection.

“This is a great example of how a business is capable of re-organising its activities to increase recycling and protect the environment. I would be in favour of similar environmental standards being extended to all public and private sector organisations. Local councils could provide assistance in helping businesses to recycle materials by providing more blue bins alongside the normal bins.

Elena Aceves-Cully concluded: “This award shows that Larne Port is again leading the way and can look forward to prosperous and successful future.”


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