Alliance Party to support tough decisions to tackle human trafficking

Alliance Party Assembly Member Anna Lo has said she and her colleagues will continue to engage with UK Government Minister to tackle human trafficking in Northern Ireland. She was speaking after the party held discussions with Northern Ireland Office Minister Paul Goggins on the subject.

Speaking after the meeting, the South Belfast MLA stated: “We feel our campaigning has contributed to a change in attitude from the UK Government, away from viewing this as a matter of immigration control towards viewing it as an issue of victim support.

“We now believe we can play a role in highlighting specific cases to the Government, so that they can raise them with the appropriate authorities and take appropriate preventative action for the future based on that information.

“We have also now placed the issue of people being exploited for work, the need for support and shelter for victims, and improved resources to tackle illegal people smuggling into Northern Ireland on to the Government agenda here. We have agreed to continue supporting the Government’s work on the issue.”


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