Alliance Party Leader pays tribute to Julian Crozier

The Alliance Party Leader, David Ford has paid tribute to former Alliance Party election candidate and member of the party executive, Julian Crozier, who sadly passed away this morning.

Julian Crozier was a longstanding member of the Alliance Party, having joined in 1995 after retiring from a public service career. He stood as an Alliance Party candidate in the 1997 and 2005 General elections, for the constituency of South Down. He was also a candidate for the Northern Ireland Forum in 1996. Julian had particular interests in the well being of the rural community, education and training, and the protection of the environment. He was a loyal party activist who contributed fully to the Alliance Party.

Julian lived near Rathfriland, where he worked a small agricultural holding. He was a former civil servant and Chief Executive of the Training and Employment Agency. Afterwards, he worked as a self-employed consultant, dealing mainly with policy advice. His experience included agriculture, finance and economic development. He was a founder member of the Ombudsman’s Office, and much of his career was spent on equality matters.

He also served as Deputy Chairman of the Probation Board, and was a member of the Northern Ireland Film Council, Springvale Training, the Emerging Business Trust, Action Mental Health, and the Young Enterprise Council.

Alliance Leader David Ford said “Julian worked tirelessly in the South Down area, serving as election agent and Chair of the local party association. Julian was an active member of Alliance Party Executive for many years and served the party with great expertise and inspiring enthusiasm.

“I was proud that Julian represented the party in South Down in the 1995 and 2005 general elections and in the 1996 Northern Ireland Forum elections.

“Julian was an extremely warm and friendly person whose experience in the area of policy formation was invaluable to the party.

“His work on equality matters greatly helped in creating a fairer and more peaceful society in Northern Ireland.

“His contribution to public life was outstanding, and his tireless work within bodies such as the Probation Board illustrated his vital contribution to society in Northern Ireland.

“Julian’s personality, intellect and enthusiasm will be sadly missed by everyone in the Alliance Party.”

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