Alliance Party Leader, David Ford’S end of year statement

David Ford said:

“2001 has been a year of major challenge and change in Northern Ireland. At the beginning of the year, there was great uncertainty as to whether the peace process could survive.”

“Decommissioning, policing reform, security normalisation, and the stability of the institutions remained outstanding issues. Furthermore, increasing community polarisation and rising paramilitary violence provided external threats.”

“However, this year is now ending with renewed hope and prospects for peace and stability in Northern Ireland, with the future of the Assembly secured for the foreseeable future.”

“We have successfully re-elected a First and Deputy First Minister. Actual decommissioning has now started. And the new police service is now up and running”

“I am proud that the Alliance Party was able to play a decisive role in helping to improve stability. Our Westminster election strategy was crucial in ensuring that that the extremes of both Unionism and Nationalism did not destroy moderation. And the temporary re-designation of our MLAs”

“However, at the beginning of the year, things looked very different with the issues of the stability of the institutions”


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