Alliance Party backs anti-fuel poverty campaign

ALLIANCE Health Spokesperson Alderman Kieran McCarthy MLA is lending his support to Help the Aged’s ‘Winter Deaths’ campaign to end fuel poverty in Northern Ireland.

Speaking after the launch of the campaign at Stormont today, Mr McCarthy said:

“Over 21,ooo elderly people die in the UK each year because of fuel poverty, a frightening figure.

“There must be properly funded programmes, and while we have a Warm Homes scheme, there are still 1,300 people in Northern Ireland who will die each year because of the winter cold.

“It isn’t just the matter of setting up a scheme – we need to urgently tackle fuel poverty by reaching those vulnerable, older people who are suffering in silence.

“I would call on the Government ministers to properly fund fuel poverty strategies. Not only is it the right thing to do, but as cold weather-related illness costs the local health service £30 million per year, it makes sense in other ways too.”

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