Alliance outrage at penalty points loophole

Alliance Party Chief Whip Kieran McCarthy MLA, has hit out at the authorities for not spotting a loophole in the penalty points system and has blasted the Minister for saying the situation could not be changed for some time. Mr McCarthy has demanded immediate action and has branded this failure as ‘extremely dangerous. It was revealed in the House of Commons Transport Committee that penalty points gained in Northern Ireland do not apply in Great Britain.

The Strangford Assembly Member said: “This situation is totally unbelievable. I am shocked and appalled that such a massive loophole in the system has only just been discovered.

“When it comes to ensuring road safety and protecting people mistakes cannot and should not be made. This loophole has created an extremely dangerous situation.

“Are there no procedures in place to check the workings of the system. There are serious questions for the authorities to answer on this.

“The Minister, Stephen Ladyman, has said that it will take some time to close this loophole. This is disgraceful. When it comes to road safety time must not be wasted – action is needed now.”


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