Alliance opposes Robinson Centre demolition

The Alliance party group at City Hall has opposed a proposal, which is subject to the outcome of an ongoing judicial review, to demolish the Robinson Centre and instead has called for accurate costings and a timescale to be provided to renovate the centre to be drawn up.

The Party believes this would allow the centre to be reopened and provide leisure provision until a replacement is built. The amendment to the proposal was opposed by all other parties on the Council.

Councillor Michael Long said: “I do not believe that the proposal to demolish the centre is acceptable as it will leave East, and much of South, Belfast with one Council run pool for a period of up to four years. It would also result in the decimation of the city’s swimming clubs making it almost impossible for elite swimmers to train adequately in Belfast.

“Alliance obviously supports the need to address the issue of asbestos and legionella and this should be done, but we believe that the projected costs and timescales could be much reduced and enable provision to be restored within a reasonable period, allowing ratepayers to have an additional use out of the centre until a replacement is provided.

“In 2003, Alliance led the battle to keep the Centre open when its closure was proposed before and it looks like we will again have to take a lead in trying to maintain the centre again.”

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