Alliance only party able to represent everyone in South Belfast, says Bradshaw

Alliance MLA Paula Bradshaw has said her party is the only one able to represent everyone in South Belfast, after the DUP said they could win the Westminster seat there for unionism.

Ms Bradshaw said DUP leader Arlene Foster’s comments showed a “singular mentality” which would turn off many voters who wished to have choice. She added Alliance was the only party capable of challenging that and representing all voters, no matter their background or political outlook.

“Pacts are inherently anti-democratic, removing choice from people. Alliance believes the public should decide who represents them, not politicians. Pacts such as the one the DUP is proposing with the UUP do nothing but turn elections into sectarian headcounts.

“Arlene Foster says her party is the only one which can win for unionism, but what about everyone else who doesn’t identify as unionist? Or indeed those unionists who don’t wish to be tied into an agreement with the DUP?

“South Belfast is the most diverse and inclusive constituency in Northern Ireland. It is a liberal, progressive place with deep cross-community relationships. But instead, some want to turn this election into a sectarian headcount with talk about pacts.

“Alliance is the only party able to challenge both unionism and nationalism in South Belfast, we saw that at the most recent Assembly election. We are best placed to face up to the DUP in the constituency, giving people the choice they deserve in this election, and representing the entire community while rejecting the politics of division.”

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