Alliance offers voters “better finance for a better health service” – McCarthy

Alliance Party Health Spokesperson Kieran McCarthy has said only his party offers voters an alternative to the UK’s longest waiting lists, inadequate social service provision, and charges for personal care.

Speaking before joining a panel of the five main parties’ spokespeople, the Strangford Representative stated: “Alliance offers voters a clear alternative for the health service.

“We have long campaigned for shorter waiting lists, safer hospitals for staff, and free personal care for the elderly. Only Alliance has the financial plan which can free up the funding to deliver it.

“We have long argued for tax-varying powers for Northern Ireland, but tax rises are in fact not needed for a better health service. If we freed up money currently spent on dividing facilities – not least separate health centres for Catholic and Protestant districts of urban areas – we could provide better, shared facilities for everyone.

“We were the only party that voted for free personal care for older people when it counted, and we remain the only party with the financial plan to deliver that and a better overall service for everyone. There is an alternative to the current situation – we in Alliance are determined to deliver it.”


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