Alliance meets with local Humanists

North Down Alliance MLA, Stephen Farry has met with representation of the Northern Ireland Humanist Association at Stormont to discuss ensuring respect for diversity within public policy making, and was presented with a copy of Richard Dawkin’s book, ‘The God Delusion’.

Stephen Farry MLA stated:

“I have my only particular set of beliefs, but believe it is important to hear all points of view. I am happy to accept the book presented and to consider it in a constructively critical manner.

“The real challenge for politicians and for society as a whole is to ensure that the genuine diversity that exists within Northern Ireland is properly reflected within public policy.

“This means recognising the growing number of ethnic minorities and migrant workers, the different sexual orientations that people may have, and also both those who practice a religion and those with other beliefs and value systems.

“It is notable that in the 2001 Census, over 14% of the population did not describe themselves as either Protestant or Catholic. This figure will surely increase by 2011. These realities must be borne in mind by policy-makers when they make assumptions about the nature of society, and make their decisions accordingly.”


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