Alliance meets Ulster Unionists to discuss making Executive work

The Alliance Party recently met the leadership of the Ulster Unionist Party and Leader David Ford said the meeting was very constructive, with both parties discussing how to improve the health budget and deliver on mental health services.

David Ford said: “We are keen to find a way forward and we appreciate the fact that the Ulster Unionists are similarly minded. Our meeting was very constructive and we found common ground on a number of important issues.

“The current political stalemate simply cannot continue. We both agreed that Northern Ireland needs a government focussed on delivery rather than deadlock.

“We discussed the need for a review of the institutions to help restore faith in the Assembly. People want to see government that can and will deliver on issues that impact on their everyday lives.

“We want to see real improvements in the health budget because Peter Robinson’s cuts mean that ambulance services, home help and hospital cleanliness suffer. We want to prioritise improving mental health services in particular because Northern Ireland’s do not compare favourably to those in other parts of the UK.

“We have met the leadership of the DUP and Ulster Unionists and we plan to meet Sinn Fein and the SDLP. We will continue our battle to make a shared future a key government priority and push the Executive parties to deliver improved and more sustainable services.”


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