Alliance left frustrated and disappointed by missing of deadline

Alliance Leader Naomi Long has said her party is “extremely frustrated and disappointed” following the latest deadline to restore power-sharing being missed today (Thursday).

She said the public’s patience had been “tested well beyond breaking point” by the lack of a breakthrough in the process, a move which would have “serious consequences,” she added.

“There has been no ministerial direction within Departments for a number of months, with decisions on how to allocate budgets being missed, all of which has a direct impact on public services and jobs. While some people who were elected to this Assembly are refusing to do their jobs, there are people who elected them to that position who are losing theirs. That is not an acceptable position.

“Alliance will not walk away from the negotiations but we are clear this a serious development – there has been a breach of trust by the larger parties in not reaching agreement before this deadline. That has tested the public’s patience well beyond breaking point. Those parties with the largest mandates need to now also accept the size of their responsibilities and deliver for those who voted for them. Get the deal done, get the Assembly re-established and get the Ministers back into office.

“We are standing on the precipice of crises in health and education, as well as the potential loss of devolution in the long-term. Every hour that slips by deepens that crisis. Alliance sought the authority of our Party Council to compromise and make a good deal to deliver the five-party Executive others claim they wanted to deliver. We lived up to our mandate, now it’s time others followed suit.”

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