Alliance leadership meets Raymond McCord

Alliance Party Leader David Ford MLA and Deputy Leader Naomi Long MLA have met with the father of UVF murder victim, Raymond McCord Jnr. The meeting forms part of Mr McCord Snr’s round of meetings with all the local political parties and with the Irish Government to highlight the alleged collusion between loyalist paramilitaries and security forces. His claim that this has prevented those who murdered his son being brought to justice is currently the subject of an investigation by the Police Ombudsman.

Speaking after the meeting, David Ford said: “Clearly the allegations of collusion which Mr McCord has made are extremely serious and are of grave concern to us all. I share Mr McCord’s confidence that the Police Ombudsman’s investigations will be thorough and robust, and I will be contacting her office on his behalf to press for publication of her report at the earliest opportunity.”

Naomi Long added: “The Government must realize, and realize quickly, just how important it is that people have confidence that the rule of law is being applied fairly. The security forces are subject to the law just like anyone else.

“But the Government’s recent record, such as with the failed attempt at ‘on-the-runs’ legislation, indicates a greater willingness to sweep such things under the carpet than to deal with them head on. This has undermined public confidence and created grave and genuine concerns about the Government’s ability to deliver fairly on issues such as Mr McCord’s.

“People must have full confidence that the Government and the security forces are acting with integrity. This issue is far too serious for political expediency.”


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